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Monday, June 19, 2006

Follow Up Consultation

After being given the all clear on my retinas I rang the Lasik people to arrange to go back and talk to the surgeon and see what the possibilities/costs etc would be for me. They gave me an appointment time at the end of the week.
When I turned up the receptionist dithered about for a bit and said she was just trying to sort out what I had come in for (!) and then took me through to the waiting room when I explained it was a follow-up consultation. I hung around for 15 minutes and just as I was about to go back to reception to see if they had forgotton me, the surgeon turned up. This time it was a different guy who introduced himself as Douglas Cox. This was the person I had expected to see on my previous visit - so now I was confused - he was also confused as he explained that last time I had see Michael Merryman - the other surgeon, so he wasn't sure why I was now seeing him as I wasn't his patient. I was unimpressed - firstly the first guy hadn't even told me his name and I had been expecting to see Dr Cox (having heard very many good things about him as he's the main man when it comes to Lasik in New Zealand apparently), secondly as it was their admin. which had booked me in to see him I was as clueless as he was as to why.
Anyway he quickly cottoned on to the fact that I was pissed off and after apologising for the confusion agreed to take over my case and very professionally and in a great detail went through the procedure and all the details for me. I have to say he was very reassuring and drew various pictures to ensure I understood exactly what he was talking about and addressed all of my questions and concerns very thoroughly.
At the end of it all I signed a consent form - just as a routine it saves time if you decide to go ahead without committing yourself to anything, and went home to talk it over with BIP and decide whether or not to go ahead or not.


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