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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Got a Date

After much thinking, humming and hahing, considering all the possibilities (including what could go wrong!) I finally made up my mind and booked an appointment. I had to try and fit it in with the timing of hockey as I've been told I won't be allowed to play for two weeks (even though hockey is not a contact sport there is a risk of ball/stick/elbow in the eye so the surgeon recommended avoiding it for that reason - actually I've never been hit in the eye playing hockey, but have seen plenty of other people who have been so wouldn't want to push my luck!). Anyway I wanted to make sure that I didn't put myself out of finals for this round. Don't have the draw for championship round yet so don't know what games I'll be missing but it won't be the important ones at the end of the round.
My date is July 27th, at 11:30am. It's over a month away, but already I've started to worry. I read someone else's blog yesterday about their experience and they were talking about the smell of burning when the laser is activated (which I've heard other people talk about) - I think this will be the worst part of the whole thing, I was lying in bed thinking about it last night feeling quite queasy. Geeeesh, reckon it's going to be a long wait at this rate!!
I have all my pre and post op instructions. They include things like don't wear hairspray, spray on deoderant or perfume on the day of surgery. At first I thought this was to avoid allergies on the surgeon's part, but then I realised it's to avoid the patient having anything flammable on them when the laser is activated - ha now that would be an interesting way to go! Many many years ago I was fascinated by the concept of spontaneous combustion, I guess I need to ensure I don't get the real experience!!
One of the other instructions on the post-op side is that you should avoid rubbing or touching your eyes for at least 4 weeks. Now I don't know about you but that sounds damn hard to me. As a trial yesterday I decided to see if I could go all day without touching or rubbing my eyes - I failed miserably. Maybe it's just because my contact lenses irritate my eyes though?? Hmmm, guess I'll need to practice that one.


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