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Monday, June 26, 2006

Night Driving

One of the things I've been warned about is that night driving may be a problem for the first couple of months until my eyes settle down again. Actually night driving is already a problem for me due to my out of date glasses! As I try and take my contact lenses out as soon as possible when I get home if I do have to drive in the dark then usually I'm wearing my glasses, so not only do I have the problem of them being an old prescription (from memory they are at about 6 in one eye and 6.5 in the other) but I also find because they are quite old, and so a bit scratched, oncoming headlights can be glary. Anyway it will be interesting to see whether the initial halo effect is worse than this and how long it takes to settle down. In the meantime I guess BIP gets to be the designated driver for a while (although I will only be drinking for medicinal purposes I'm sure!!).
This morning I realised I am just about out of contact lens solution - ha! I won't miss having to buy some more (I have a small travel bottle tucked away with my travel contact lens kit so I will use that up to keep me going for the next 4 and a bit weeks.
My surgery date is exactly one month away. I'm back into excited mode again now and feeling very confident about the outcome. Still a bit pissed off at having to miss 2 hockey games though. The first one shouldn't be a problem as 2 days after surgery I don't suppose I'll feel up to playing anyway, but keeping off the pitch the following week may be more of a challenge ......


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