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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Op + 2 Days

After a couple of days of what seemed like perfect vision and just a little discomfort my eyes are now starting to heal – virtually no discomfort but fluctuations in vision with some blurriness and halos, mainly in my left eye as my right is pretty clear. This is all normal and should start to settle down from tomorrow. In terms of pre-Lasik vision it’s about the same as wearing old contact lenses that are a bit dirty, so sometimes everything is fine and occasionally a bit blurry.
Last night was my last night of wearing eye shields in bed – thank heavens for that, they weren’t actually that uncomfortable to sleep in but the micropore tape that holds them on has played havoc with my skin. Once peeled off the tape left a gummy residue that was virtually impossible to remove, especially when you’re having to be careful about washing your face. First piece of advice to potential Lasik patients, fake an allergy to micropore and find something a little gentler on the skin! (Mind you that reminds me of the time I faked an allergy to plaster when I was donating blood as they always used really heavy duty ones that ripped off half your skin when removed – I was expecting a little cotton wool and light tape instead but they bandaged my arm up instead !! I never tried that again!).


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