Lasik Eye surgery

A blog about my Lasik eye surgery

Monday, August 28, 2006

1 Month Post Op

Both eyes seem to have settled down now in that they don't keep changing and the blurry comings and goings of my left eye have gone. Right eye still has very good vision - probably not perfect but good enough, left eye definately not so good, so as expected the healing process has led to a deterioration - it will be interesting to see how much when I have my next check up in a couple of weeks. The only thing I have problems with visually is driving in the dark when there's no streetlights - particularly if it's raining! Other than that no problems seeing stuff :-) Was away skiing last week and had great vision up the mountain - glad I had goggles though as I suspect given the windy days we had I would have struggled with very dry eyes if I'd just had sunglasses on. One problem I did have was using the spa pool at our resort, the chlorine levels were very high, and after a couple of days I had to stop using it as my eyes were incredibly sore - mind you even non-Lasiked BIP was suffering a bit from the chlorine too so no real surprises there! Wonder if it's ok to swim in the sea without goggles yet though? Not that I'm planning to right at the moment (given that it's still freezing and not even Spring yet!!) but only 2 and a half months before I'm off to Hawaii :-)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

2 Weeks Post Op

The other day I got really annoyed at the blurry patch on my left eye - then I realised it was only annoying me because it had been clear all day and it was the first time for ages I'd noticed it! It's now clear 90% of the time, and the vision is as good as the right eye about 50% of the time - the other 40% it's clear but not as sharp as the right eye. Guess it will either finally settle at 20/20 like the right one or at -0.25 which was what it was at the last check up.
So everything is good, no problems driving at night still even with the halo effect around headlights - it only seems to be on some cars so appears to depend on the kind of lights they have. I've certainly noticed that the security light on our garage (which was a big ball of hazy light the day after surgery) looks almost normal now and the dogs have stopped glowing when I walk them in daylight :-)
If I spend all day in front of the computer (which of course I often do) then my eyes are tired by the time I get home - same as I used to feel but now I can't go home and take my contacts out to give my eyes a rest! As long as I use plenty of artificial tears in the evening they're fine though. I should try and remember to use them more often during the day but unless my eyes are actually feeling dry I don't think about it as I don't get any discomfort - which I guess is a good thing.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

9 Days Post Op

Had my one week check up yesterday with the optomotrist. My right eye has 20/20 vision with a minor (less that .25) astigmatism, my left eye is harder to gauge due to the intermittent blurriness (which is much better but still coming and going) but seems to be around -0.25 at its worst, again with minor astigmatism. Coming from my pre-op prescription this is pretty impressive, but I have to be realistic and think that in a couple of months once everything has healed I will probably need an enhancement. Still, I will cross that bridge when I come to it, at the moment my vision is amazing (even with the occasional blurry patch on my left eye), I have been able to drive in the dark and dawn and dusk half-light without any problems and the halo effect I was experiencing day 1 and 2 had virtually gone. Everything still looking good in terms of flap healing and eye condition, so I have now finished the eye drop regime and just need to use lubricating drops as necessary.