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Monday, July 31, 2006

5 Days Post Op - Reassurance

Well as my left eye was still suffering from a blurry spot (vision through it remains good apart from that) I started worrying about all the possible things that could be wrong and so turned to the internet to read up on all the possible flap complications that could be occuring - varying degrees of wrinkles etc. Anyway I decided rather than worrying about it I would call the clinic and check if what I was experiencing was normal. The receptionist I spoke to said it sounded like normal healing but it was better to be on the safe side and made an appointment for me to go in for a check up this afternoon. So off I went after lunch to see Dr. Cox again. He asked what was worrying me and then had a good look at both eyes, examining both flaps as well as looking at the back of the left eye. No problems anywhere, flaps are fine and no sign of any problems at the back of the eye. He suggested that the vision blurriness was either normal healing or maybe some stuff in the vitreous fluid (he didn't quite phrase it like that!!). Either way with everything looking fine it should settle down within the next couple of weeks. I have my normal check up scheduled for Friday (3 days time) which he said I should still keep so he can have another look and double check everything again. He was very nice about it - he did suggest that I should stop comparing one eye against the other as they will heal at different rates and in different ways (apparently everyone does this though so not just me). He stopped short of telling me to stop reading horror stories of adverse reactions on the net :-) (But BIP has already told me this ....).
Anyway I feel much better and I'm glad I went back in - at least I'm getting more value for my fees ;-) So now I'll stop worrying and wait for my left eye to be as good as my right (actually the distance ability is better when it's not blurry so that just needs to clear up.)


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