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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

2 Weeks Post Op

The other day I got really annoyed at the blurry patch on my left eye - then I realised it was only annoying me because it had been clear all day and it was the first time for ages I'd noticed it! It's now clear 90% of the time, and the vision is as good as the right eye about 50% of the time - the other 40% it's clear but not as sharp as the right eye. Guess it will either finally settle at 20/20 like the right one or at -0.25 which was what it was at the last check up.
So everything is good, no problems driving at night still even with the halo effect around headlights - it only seems to be on some cars so appears to depend on the kind of lights they have. I've certainly noticed that the security light on our garage (which was a big ball of hazy light the day after surgery) looks almost normal now and the dogs have stopped glowing when I walk them in daylight :-)
If I spend all day in front of the computer (which of course I often do) then my eyes are tired by the time I get home - same as I used to feel but now I can't go home and take my contacts out to give my eyes a rest! As long as I use plenty of artificial tears in the evening they're fine though. I should try and remember to use them more often during the day but unless my eyes are actually feeling dry I don't think about it as I don't get any discomfort - which I guess is a good thing.


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