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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Driving Glasses & Bi-Lateral Enhancements

Well I went to my eye check on Friday knowing that at least my left eye had deteriorated, and thinking it would be maybe -0.75. As it turned out both eyes had deteriorated fairly significantly with my left eye now at -1.5 and my right eye -1. The optomotrist was quite disappointed (given how quickly they've regressed) but as we had previously discussed given my starting presecription some sort of enhancement was always quite high up on the list of possible outcomes. So at the moment I have to wait until they have fully settled down before they can be enhanced. The only thing I've really found to be affected is my driving so I now have new lenses in my old specs. to enable me to see on the road - phew, people of Hamilton will be much safer now! It was really strange putting glasses back on again, and what was really weird is that my eyes look really big when I put them on - in fact they don't they look normal size, BUT with my old milk-bottle prescription my eyes looked smaller in glasses so now I just think they look big! At least I only have to wear them in the car.
The enhancement procedure is not as bad as the original as they don't have to cut flaps they just use the original ones, so there will be none of that nasty suction ring stuff, just the actual lasering. I guess I feel ok about it, it's most annoying to have to wait as I just want it all fixed now !! Hopefully my eyes won't regress too much more before they settle (or I'll have to start wearing glasses more of the time) and don't take too long to settle either. Next check up is in six weeks so unless anything significant happens in the meantime I won't post again before then.


At 11:31 PM, Blogger NorCalMrs said...

Good luck with your follow up! I too just had Lasik, and I'm having nothing but complications. It's been so upsetting. I thought I would come out of there being able to see, and now I'm worse off then when I had glasses. Yuck! My worst problems are seeing distances, and night vision. I cant do either anymore. Very disappointing. I'm at week 2, and hoping by week 3 it will all go away, but I have a feeling it wont. I think I too am going to need an adjustment. I told my doctor I better be able to see by October when we go to Hawaii so I can snorkel and actually see the fish.

Man, this has been such a disappoint for me, and such a point of frustration. I hope your outcome this time around is much better.

Good luck,


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Evadne Hatte said...

Well my initial results were very good - and once they had settled down (after 3-4 weeks) I was pretty happy, it's just the regression that is annoying. If you're like me your night vision will improve over time. Funnily enough I'm off to Hawaii in November but don't think I will get the enhancement until I get back -- kind of depends on the results of my next eye test due tomorrow.
Thanks for dropping by :-)


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