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Saturday, August 05, 2006

9 Days Post Op

Had my one week check up yesterday with the optomotrist. My right eye has 20/20 vision with a minor (less that .25) astigmatism, my left eye is harder to gauge due to the intermittent blurriness (which is much better but still coming and going) but seems to be around -0.25 at its worst, again with minor astigmatism. Coming from my pre-op prescription this is pretty impressive, but I have to be realistic and think that in a couple of months once everything has healed I will probably need an enhancement. Still, I will cross that bridge when I come to it, at the moment my vision is amazing (even with the occasional blurry patch on my left eye), I have been able to drive in the dark and dawn and dusk half-light without any problems and the halo effect I was experiencing day 1 and 2 had virtually gone. Everything still looking good in terms of flap healing and eye condition, so I have now finished the eye drop regime and just need to use lubricating drops as necessary.


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